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This wiki is connected to the shop Fermenthings that brings everything related to fermentation to one place

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The first place 100% about fermentation in Belgium


Fermented food and drink are connected to humanity from the start. Despite the importance of fermentation for our health and cooking techniques, we only understand its working since few decades. But fortunately, after the success of industrialised food and freezing, we tend to (re)discover our fermented sources. Nowadays, 1/3 of global food and drink are made using fermentation techniques.


We put a lot of care in our selection of producers. We try to meet them in person or to have in detail discussions with them. We want to find a balance between great taste, fair production, local craftmenship. We are always open to new products and in constant evolution. You can find the list of our producers here


  • Beers
  • Sake
  • Books
  • Coffee
  • Fermented Juices
  • Food (Kimchi, Lactofermented vegetables,Miso, Natto, pickles,…)
  • Fruitwine
  • Kits / Tools
  • Kombucha


While being a shop is great, we know we are a niche product. Fermentation is something that people need to discover again, so we are holding internal and external events on a regular basis so people can come learn about a specific fermented method. We have recurant events and first try's and bring every time some novel elements in the great art of fermentation

Recurant Events

One Shots


This part of the wiki will be dedicated to all our recepies we make / invent / test at our events. We believe in opensource knowledge, so we are doing our best to bring every recipe to here.

How To's

With fermentation it is not only recipes but also a lot of know how, so like wikihow and other how to guides we will be putting every little food hack knowledge about fermentation here.


Check out the full list of organisations we partenered up since we started here

Media coverage

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